Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I have been tagged.

First I need to apologize for in delay reply which I was tagged by the lovely sister Jacqueline and Kerry. The answer as below :-

What were you doing 10 years ago ??
I was running up a florist and gift shop in Malaysia. Due to economical is unstable and need to shut down the business and looking full time job. Currently is under process to set up a handcraft classes and will be opening soon in July or August.

Things today’s to-do list.
--> 9am to 6pm : Full Time Job
--> Make dinner for family
--> Study time with the kids
--> Before go to sleep do some surfing, do some handicraft for the challenge blog

Favorite Snacks ??
No particular on this

What would do if you were a millionaire ??
--> 1st need to settle all the debts
--> Setting a fund for unfortunate people
--> Setting up a handicraft classes
--> Invest property
--> Charity Work

Place I have lived
Kuala Lumpur and Kajang in Malaysia


kes said...

all the best with the new venture.

cats whiskers said...

Best wishes in your new venture
love to you and yours
Hugs Jacqui xx

Tabitha said...

How fun you are going to start a handcrafting class. Good luck to you.

I enjoyed getting to know you a little better through this tag!